“Join Us”, 2020. Screenprint on collaged paper scraps and acetate. ≈20”x20”. Edition of 3.
This print was made by the rats of San Francisco as propaganda. They know that we see them as disgusting pests, but they want to tell us that we created them and are no better than them. We created the cities and filth that they learned to thrive in out of necessity. Maybe we need to rethink the way we live.

“House of Rats”, 2020. Screenprint on Rives BFK. 13.5”x5.5”. Edition of 30.
What if the rats were us? They’re our neighbors, there’s a lot of them, and they really aren’t so different. 

“Rat King”, 2020.  Screenprint on acetate. 13”. Edition of 4.
This print was made in May 2020, right after the Bay Area went into lockdown. Many upper and middle class people who were able were hoarding supplies out of fear, and it was a terrible reaction for them to have because there was nothing left for everyone else. This put them in more danger because those people who couldn’t get sanitizer and health supplies had a higher risk of getting sick, but they were also the essential workers the upper classes relied on. The rat king is a metaphor for this. The rats have all died because they weren’t working together to untangle themselves.