Dreambook is an art book I created as a way to explore my own subconscious. For a week, I kept a dream journal and wrote down every dream I had. I then chose the most substantial dreams, rewrote them to make sure they were as clear as possible for the reader, and illustrated them. The illustrations are linoleum block prints. The background layer is water based ink, and the second layer is oil based ink. The subjects of the illustrations are the most vivid moments from each dream. My goal was for the book to be entertaining to read, and hopefully relateable to the reader’s own dreams. Later, I hope to work more with dreams and dive into the world of decoding them.
Hardcover concertina with stuffed front cover, black and white paper, digitally printed text, hand printed images, glow in the dark ink, 2019. 4.5”x6”. Edition of 5.