San Francisco's modern cultural sites are at risk because of high rent prices and a decrease in support for the arts in favor of the less diverse tech industry. We have big museums, and historical sites, and those aren't going anywhere, but that's not where culture is created.

Culture is created from supporting small businesses and local artists, and allowing people to share new ideas or host underground gatherings. Everyone has their own favorite cultural sites. This map shows my favorite sites, and marks the ones that are already gone.

Each site is commemorated by a unique screenprint. The first layer shows the actual building, in larger halftone dots that make it seem blurred, as if it's disappearing. The second layer is an object I have from this place, that is more permanent and is in sharper focus. The object is specific to me, and everyone who has been to the location will have their own object and memory. Mine is just an example.

Link to live map